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At Wind Tree Service Akron, you can expect nothing less than excellent tree service each time you go to us for tree care. We pride ourselves on offering a wide array of tree care services that cater to every basic and comprehensive need of your trees and your overall landscape. If you are asking yourself where you can find the best tree care service near you, you have reached the right people. We put your safety on top of our list, and we want nothing but satisfaction on your part. With the years of training and combined experience of our team, we are confident that there is no job that is too difficult for us to complete. Let our remarkable reviews from our previous clients prove our professionalism and expertise in tree care. We have the solution to all your tree requirements.

About Our Company

We do our best to go beyond the average. We are depended on by a lot of homeowners in the local area, and we know that it is our responsibility to keep our clients safe at all times. For that reason, we make sure to use only the best equipment in the market to help us finish the job fast and secure. We invest in proper maintenance of this equipment to ensure our workers are safe when they need to perform complicated tasks. It may be necessary for us to use heavy machinery for specific services we perform but if you don’t agree with the idea, feel free to let us know. We will be more than happy to take on the project using safety climbing harnesses. We can modify our service depending on your individual needs, so please don’t hesitate to let us know about your special requests.

We are proud to say that we offer tree services not only for residential areas but to commercial properties, as well. To offer added protection to our valued customers, we make sure that our professionals are licensed, bonded, and insured. Aside from that, we provide workers’ compensation to all our employees to ensure zero liability on your part. We do each job meticulously and guarantee 100% satisfaction to our clients. Our top-notch arborists can assure you that each tree project performed in your yard is done with utmost attention and efficiency. We keep our words and show ourselves when we say we will. Call the tree service Akron, Ohio property owners trust today, and we will show you why we are your best choice for your tree care service.W

Why Call Us

You have a variety of choices when it comes to tree service in the local area. However, what set us apart from our competitors are our qualifications as well as conscientiousness and professionalism in the job. Below are eight reasons why we make the best choice for your residential and commercial tree care needs.

    Licensed and Insured Professional

    To make sure our clients are free from any liability, all our employees are licensed, bonded, and insured. We want to ensure your safety that is why we promise to keep you from any forms of legal and financial liability while we work on your yard. Also, our company provides worker’s compensation to all our regular employees, which means you will have zero responsibility in the event of an accident.


    When you look for a tree company, you wish to hire the one with the most competitive price. However, sometimes, the quality of the service is not as good as those with more expensive services. You don’t have to worry about high cost or low-quality service because we offer premier tree care for a budget-friendly price. We value your money as much as you do and we are willing to go beyond the usual to provide you with excellent service.

    Full Service

    Whatever it is that your tree requires, our knowledgeable professionals can meet them. You don’t have to jump from one tree company to another because we have a whole crew to provide you with every service involving trees. Our goal is to keep your trees healthy, and your property safe from any potential hazard trees can cause. When we leave your property, we can be sure that your yard will never look the same.

    Locally Owned and Managed

    We are proud to be a locally-owned and managed tree company that has been in the industry for decades. We are happy to be part of a community where people care for trees and strive to give the best care their trees deserve. We continue to improve our skills to be worthy of your trust, time, and money.

    We believe that the key to excellent client-business relationship is outstanding customer service. We always pour our dedication and show our customers professionalism as well as an unparalleled passion for tree care. Our company is anchored to the principles and characteristics that we try to embody at all times.

    Picture of our tree climber hanging from a tree in the morning drinking coffee before our job starts in Akron, OH


    As a tree company, safety should be of primary importance. Tree care is not the safest job in the world, and there are risks involved in performing each task. Therefore, it is our responsibility to keep our customers and employees safe each time. We never use sub-grade equipment and put anyone in danger. We make sure to maintain our tools and machinery regularly, so they can perform at their highest potential.


    Using the best tools and equipment in the industry gives us confidence that we can finish every tree job you may ask of us. We properly inspect each one of them and perform routine maintenance to ensure they are in tip-top condition. Further, we make sure to employ only the elite tree experts in the field. We can confidently say that every employee we have in-house is trained and background-checked for your security as well as to ensure the quality of our service.

    Close up picture of our employee cutting up a tree for our customer in Akron, OH
    Picture of a chainsaw, safety harness and hand saws. This is our equipment used for tree care services in Akron, OH

    Same Day Estimate

    We understand that tree care maybe not on the list of a homeowner’s concerns until a situation happens. Because of that, unexpected expenses can cause stress and inconvenience on their part. We want to avoid scenarios like this by providing same day estimates, so you can have an idea about the details and more importantly, the pricing for tree service. We are honest, and we want you to have a smooth tree care service experience.

    Tree Removal Akron OH

    Among all other services we perform, tree removal is the most requested by our clients. We definitely understand why because tree removal is a dangerous task to be done by just anyone. Also, not every homeowner knows about the right technique in eliminating a tree, not to mention their lack of proper equipment. When the tree has reached its maximum, and its health is beyond recovery, perhaps it has been damaged by a severe storm, your tree may be needing tree removal. Some signs that your tree needs to be eliminated cannot be readily determined, so it is best to let the professionals assess the situation and begin from there.

    We will come to your property to evaluate the tree and make sure to note your concerns. We will follow-up with an estimate of the task to be done and set up a schedule with you. The estimate outlines the felling of the tree, piling or hauling of wood, and the clean-up procedure.

    It may be necessary to utilize heavy equipment in performing tree removal. Our top of the line equipment makes our job safer and more efficient. But, if you are not comfortable that we use this equipment in your yard, please let us know, and we will be happy to use our safety climbing tools to remove your tree. Regardless of the equipment we use, rest assured that the finished product is the same. You can expect our ground service crew to take care of debris and tree particles on the ground to maintain cleanliness in your property.

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    Tree Trimming Akron OH

    One of the most critical parts of tree care is trimming and pruning. What a lot of homeowners don’t know is that a significant number of trees die each year due to improper trimming. In the attempt to save on service cost, some homeowners do their own trimming only to cause more damage than good to their trees. Every tree should be treated special, and no two trees should be trimmed the same way. For that reason, trimming and pruning should be left to the expert hands of our tree care company.

    Correct trimming promotes growth, enhances health, and improves fruit yield for a tree. When your tree is healthy, your yard will look more appealing, and it can increase the value of your home. When we trim your trees, we want to remove dead or dying limbs, evaluate the health of your tree, and restore its overall beauty.

    Our process for tree trimming is almost identical to our tree removal where one of our representatives will come to your house or office for a free consultation. We will offer you a quote with the details of the trimming service and decide on a date when we will complete the service. We can either use our state-of-the-art equipment to aid us with the process or simply climb the tree. It all depends on your preference.

    Stump Grinding and Removal

    Following a tree removal service, you will have to deal with that ugly stump in your yard. If you want to get rid of this eyesore, our premier stump grinders from Vermeer and Morbark can do the job efficiently. Stumps can become a nuisance and a tripping hazard to kids and even adults who walk around the landscape. Also, stumps can be a refuge to destructive insects and pests that can, later on, affect other healthy trees in your property. Let our certified tree professionals handle the slightly dirty and daunting task for you. We have dealt with all sizes, types, and age of stump, so we can proudly say that there is no stump that we can’t grind. We will reduce the stump until it is no longer visible on the ground. Allow us to do the job while you do other important things, like spend time with your family.

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    Emergency Tree Service

    Trees can be vulnerable in the face of a powerful storm. Situations like this usually come unannounced that is why we are available to help you any time of the day. You are one call away from a fast and reliable emergency response from our team. We know how inconvenient having an uprooted tree on your roof. You may lose access to some parts of your property, hence disrupting your normal routine. We will be at your service even before other utility services come to your home. We will get rid of dangerous situations including fallen limbs, felled trees, or downed power lines, so you can go back to doing what you should be doing. When you need help in times of tree emergencies, call the most reliable, trustworthy, and fastest tree service in your

    Brush Removal and Wood Chipping

    We offer brush removal service for any type and size of a property. Whether it is a small backyard or large commercial development property, our team of experts can clear the land in the fastest way possible. We can prepare your land and remove brush and debris from it so that you can use every area of it for a more important purpose. The fastest and eco-friendly way of eliminating brush is by turning them into wood chips. Wood chips can also be converted into mulch that you can use in your yard, or use the wood as firewood to keep you warm during the cold months. Your yard shouldn’t be a place of brush and dead limbs. We can make sure to get rid of every debris and dirt in your land in no time. Call us today, and we will prove why we are the best tree service in the area.

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