Trees offer more than just aesthetics to the community. They add life and boost the value of any property. However, if not given the right care, they can instantly become a costly liability instead of a fountain of blessing. As a homeowner, you are responsible not only for planting new trees but also taking care of them, so they stay safe and don’t interfere with fixed structures such as your home and power lines. Read on for some easy, yet effective tips on how to care for your landscape trees.

Learn about your trees

Even if your trees seem fine in your yard, it is best to learn what species will flourish in the area where you live. In that way, you will know how to treat your tree when a change in weather or soil condition begins to take place. It is smart to get help from a certified arborist to understand the need of your trees better.

Check for problems

Regular assessment of your tree will go a long way to make sure it does not acquire disease and other damages. Look for signs of growths, mushrooms, dead limbs, and diseased bark. Be extra meticulous when inspecting branches near your roof and see if they are in good condition. If they are not in good shape, they may fall anytime and damage your house. Prevention is better than repair. Be proactive and inspect the overall condition of your tree on a regular basis. Look for signs of diseases and damage and call an arborist to verify your assessment.

Water your trees

Trees are living things that require water to thrive. Don’t neglect the importance of watering. Be sure to water the ground around your tree to allow the moisture to reach even the deepest roots. You can also mulch the soil around it to keep the moisture in.

Trim properly

You will thank yourself for pruning your tree now and then. It does not only ensure your tree is looking vibrant, but it also keeps you safe from falling branches. Don’t start the tree trimming process unless you are sure about what to do because it can be detrimental to the tree. When unsure, you can always call a certified arborist to help you understand the situation of your tree better.

Get dead and significantly damaged tree removed

Trees die for a number of reasons. If your tree is diseased beyond recovery, it is best to eliminate it asap before it causes you trouble. If it is a small tree, you may do the task on your own. However, it is highly recommended to call a tree removal professional to tackle the job because they have the experience and equipment.

When to call in a professional

If in doubt, call a tree service expert. When you are dealing with serious tree work, or the tree is too massive for you to handle, it is best to contact your local tree company instead of handling the job yourself. Make sure the company you choose has certified arborists as employees to guarantee the success of the project.