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Trimming Trees

Tree trimming is more than just a process of cutting a branch off of a tree. It is an integral part of tree maintenance and crucial for keeping a tree in good condition. Trimming is one part science and one part art. Although anyone can learn the basics of trimming, only professionals and experienced tree experts can do the art involved in it. When you try to do your own trimming, you may not realize that you are doing it harm than a favor. When it comes to trimming, it is important to leave to those who know all the necessary information with regards to tree care. A certified arborist can help your tree have improved health and enhanced appearance.

We treat each tree uniquely. We look at the specific needs of your trees and begin from there. We use a different method depending on the situation and the type of tree you have in your yard to make sure that we can deliver what your tree really needs to thrive. Most importantly, we are compliant with the strict guidelines set by the Arbor Day Foundation, that can give you an assurance that we use updated and the best practices in tree trimming. You can trust us when we say that we will only do what is essential for your trees- nothing more, nothing less.

Tree Trimming Akron

After you call us, our team member will visit your home or business to assess the situation of your tree to be trimmed. We will offer you a comprehensive quote on the recommended service for your tree including our license and insurance information. You will also see other details of the service such as the equipment that will be utilized, and of course, the pricing. If you haven’t decided on the day yet, we can help you choose the perfect date for the trimming service. We can also use this meeting to talk about your specific requests concerning the shape of your tree and how much we should cut it. When you have questions, please don’t hesitate to raise them because we will be more than happy to assist.

On the day of trimming, our crew will come to your property within the specified two-hour window and start preparing the work site. Trimming projects require us to use our specialized equipment to make things easier and faster. However, if you prefer that we use climbing gears, we will be happy to deliver. Our meticulous arborists will start with the crown working their way down. While our expert cutters take care of the trimming, our equally skilled ground crew will handle the debris and tree parts to keep the safety and cleanliness of the surrounding. When the job is over, we can haul the large wood away or stack them anywhere in your property. As for the smaller twigs, we will put them directly to our chippers.

    Remember that each cut made through the tree can either improve its health or damage it that is why the job of trimming should not be placed on the hands of those who know little or nothing about trees. If you want to get the former beauty and restore the vigor of your tree, call us today, and we have the solution.

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