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We have earned our excellent reputation in tree removal service because of our undying dedication to quality service matched with the right attitude and practices in the business. Since our establishment, we consistently improve our skills and add to our knowledge, so we can provide every client with exceptional tree care service that they deserve. As homeowners, you don’t want random people to get in your yard and cut your tree. You want the most skilled, efficient, and reliable tree removal service you can get in the area. We are that company you are looking for. We are licensed professionals, and we pay attention to details; that is why you can be assured that each tree removal we perform is efficient and safe.

No matter how much you want your tree to stay in your yard, there are times when removing it is the smartest course of action. When your tree suffers from intense storm damage or disease and infestation, tree removal usually can’t be helped. Also if your tree overshadows your yard and impedes the growth of other plantings, this could be a pertinent reason for eliminating it. Whatever the underlying cause for tree removal, you can rely on us to do it for you in the safest way possible.

As soon as you call us, expect one of our specialists to come to your home or office for a consultation. We will walk you through the process so you can decide what is best for your tree. We will offer you a free estimate, and once you agree, we can then set up a date for the completion of the service. On the day of tree removal, we will call you to confirm our arrival and within an hour or two, expect us to be on your property to perform tree removal.

Tree Removal Akron

We will head-start by systematically cutting the tree into smaller segments. With the help of pulleys, we will carefully lower each branch to the ground, starting with the heaviest. After all the limbs and branches have been placed on the ground, the bigger limbs will be cut into more manageable sections. The smaller limbs, on the other hand, will go straight to the wood chipper and turned into wood chips. This process will go on until we only have the main trunk to deal with. We will chop the trunk off into smaller parts and take the segments away. While everything is being done, our ground crew will make sure that all debris coming from the tree is cleared.

After the tree has been removed, you can decide whether you want us to remove the stump through grinding or unearthing. As much as possible, we recommend removing the stump because it can be home for various pests and cause tripping accidents, mainly for kids playing around.

    Even if you think you can handle tree removal, you can’t know for sure. Tree removal is such a dangerous task that only trained and equipped individuals should do it. The money you save from hiring a professional tree removal service is not worth the risk of ending up in the hospital bed. Trust us to do the job fast and safely for you.

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